Dr. Art Wilson (1912 - 2003)

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

I am Paul Wilson, oldest living son of the late Dr. Art Wilson for whom this site is established in his memory. I, along with my beautiful and wonderful wife Karen (whom I married in 1967) hope and trust this website will not only bring back memories for many of you, but also be a blessing of long lasting value. We have put countless hours of time into its contents and dollars into its design.

If you knew Bro. Art (as many affectionately called him) and anything about his life-long ministry you will be especially blessed to spend some time in the photo section. You can browse for hours looking at old pictures of his youth, family, church, tent revivals, etc. Dad's ministry was unique in the fact that you always knew where he stood biblically on issues. He never wavered with the winds of time and changes he saw coming on the scene to change churches to so called "christian rock" music, water down the gospel, and in some cases even go so far as to change (or remove) the name "Baptist" from their name. By looking at some of their new names you don't have a clue just what they believe. Personally, I'm glad to see some remove Baptist from their name because church is not for entertainment and worldly sounding music. Dad saw many changes throughout his 70 years in the minisrty. He used to say, "Get in the boat, stay in the boat - 'til you get to the other side". He was mentor to many, example to all, pillar of the faith, a pastor's pastor to many, and a great husband and father to his family.

The reading materials on this site can be used for your personal library or as gifts to others. Either way, they are available for a reason - to spread the gospel, challenge, encourage, warn, and prepare the saints.

Please tell anyone who may be interested about this website in honor of the late Dr. Art Wilson.

God bless you and we look forward to hearing from many of you.

Paul and Karen Wilson